Things to Make from Children’s Artwork

June 11, 2021

In my two previous posts, I have shared various ways to display our children’s masterpieces as well as how to declutter, digitise, store, and back up artwork.

If you have decided to let go of a painting or a drawing, you don’t necessarily have to throw it in the bin.

Artwork Child

Here are some ideas for what you could make from the artwork instead:



Reuse Your Children’s Artwork


Gift Wrap

Turn drawings and paintings into gift wrap! If the gift is bigger than the artwork, use other paper to wrap it and use the artwork to decorate one or several sides. Or make a collage of several artworks big enough to wrap the present in.


Painting repurposed as wrapping paper by Photos In Order

Lolly Bags or Gift Bags

Personalise your party lolly bags or gift bags by using neutral bags and glueing a drawing on them or folding bags with bigger drawings.


Painting repurposed as gift bag by Photos In Order


Paper Boxes / Origami

Remember how we used to make these? Check out this video if you need instructions.

Paper Box by Origami-Instructions




Make gift cards or thank-you cards out of the artwork by glueing them on neutral cards in a matching colour.


Surprise Someone

Why not send one or two to grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles, or other people that would love to receive an unexpected gift? However, try to send it to people who don’t already have a house full of children’s artwork.





Keep Artwork Using Minimal Space


The trick here is, of course, to digitise the artwork to enjoy it in a different way (read the tips about digitising artwork in the last post).


Photo Books

If you can part with the originals or at least most of them, it saves you from storing a lot of paper. Instead, create a photo book by digitising the artwork with your camera, scanner, or an application such as “Artkive” or Keepy (no affiliation). It’s probably not worth creating a photo book every year; maybe have one per child for every three years.

Photobook with artwork

Photo Book with Digitised Artwork by Photos In Order



Digital Photo Frame

One of the simplest ways to enjoy the artwork of your children is to put the digital versions on a digital photo frame and let it run automatically. Even though digital frames are not that trendy anymore, it is still one of the easiest and quickest ways to look at photos, rather than having them buried somewhere on your computer.


Video Slideshow

Instead of creating a photo book – or in addition to it – you might consider a video slideshow. This is an easy way to look at your children’s artwork and probably the most effective in terms of saving space. You don’t even need to burn a DVD or have it on a USB. With modern technology, you can easily share it with others.





Make Keepsakes


The options are endless! Once the artwork is digitised, you can do pretty much anything with it as far as keepsakes go … from keyrings and mousepads to jewellery, stuffed animals, or even clothes!

One of my preferred gifts is a yearly calendar for the grandparents with a mix of photos of the children and their artwork. It’s always a winner!

I hope this helps you get more joy from your children’s artworks and I would love to hear what you like to make from your children’s artwork.







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