Organise Your Photos With Apple


Are you the proud owner of an iPhone or iPad and a Mac?

The vast majority of my Apple clients come to me because they are constantly running out of storage across their devices because of their thousands (upon thousands) of photos. It’s just so easy with these wonderful devices to take photos and they seem to multiply rapidly. What’s scary, however, is that in many cases, they’re not sufficiently backed up. This means that the precious images are at significant risk of irretrievable loss.

Do you relate? Is it time for a photo storage system and some good old decluttering?

Let me teach you the very same process and method I use with my VIP clients to transform their photo libraries from cluttered and unusable to beautifully sorted and accessible. With just 7 steps you will finally fix that photo mess. You’ll have a deduplicated, organised and backed up photo collection you can easily enjoy within a system that sets you up for future success.

My next group program commences on

Thursday, 1 October 2020 at 6.30 pm AEST and includes:

  • 8 week online program for iPhone and Mac Photos users learning my 7 step process to organise your photos.
  • A clear roadmap through the Apple Photos ecosystem.
  • Working within a small group with live, personal and interactive online meetings.
  • Downloadable workbook and lots of checklists, cheat sheets and templates.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for accountability, support and encouragement.
  • Access to special theme/topic-based extra video tutorial / masterclasses.
  • The freedom to work at your own pace.
  • Life-long access to all the course materials including the recordings.
  • The peace of mind that your photos are safe, for you and coming generations.

This DIY Online course is perfect for you if:

  • You have a Mac and want to use the Photos app.
  • You want to reclaim control of your digital photos.
  • You want serious progress creating, structuring and organising your photo collection.
  • You want to enjoy your photos and get them back into your life.
  • You want to do all the fun photo projects you’ve been dreaming about for.
  • You want the confidence and peace of mind that your photos are safely backed up.

Your commitment:

  • The more time you invest for this course and project, the more satisfying the result will be.
  • Time for the weekly live online meeting.
  • Time between the sessions to work on your assignments.
  • Your tech level should at least be intermediate, which would be knowing how to use a variety of programs on your Mac, how to navigate on a Mac, how to browse the internet and download software, how to use your phone and where to find things on it.
  • My goal is always to work with what you have wherever possible, however there may be a necessity for you to invest in some additional programs or hardware, for example an external hard drive for backups or a deduplication software.
  • A reasonable internet connection from anywhere in the world.

$ 497.00

Course outline

  • Week 1: Steps to success
  • Week 2: Exploring what you need from your photo storage
  • Week 3: Building your Photo Hub
  • Week 4: Removing duplicates and duds
  • Week 5: Structuring your Photo Hub
  • Week 6: Let’s make your photos searchable
  • Week 7: Celebrate – enjoy and share your photos
  • Week 8: Photo Hub check in and maintenance

About your presenter

My belief is that photographs give us the ability to overcome time and distance, strengthen family ties and even shape identity. I would love to help you experience this for yourself through a well-organised photo collection.

I understand how overwhelming it feels to be drowning in photos. You might be daunted by the technology and worried about losing your photos. I’ve been there too! Not only have I worked intensively in the Mac environment professionally, but in fact for over a decade I’ve used Apple programs to manage my own photo collection.

Let’s get your photographs sorted together so that you can share them with your family, now and into the future.


What if I can’t join you live?

All sessions are recorded. You’ll have full access to them and can also download them. Of course, it’s most beneficial to be able to join the live meeting but you will still learn enormously from the recordings.

What if I feel I don’t have enough time to do it all?

As mentioned above, the sessions are all recorded and will be made accessible to you. If you fall behind with the work, you can always pick up where you stopped and go back to the sessions. Sometimes, life just happens.

Will you run this course again?

Honestly, I’m not sure yet. If so, it will be later in the year.

Does it matter whether I’m using an iMac or a notebook?

Not at all, it will be exactly the same except from the screen size.

What if I don’t have a Mac but only an iPad?

The course might not be very beneficial for you in that case. Much of the course involves steps that can only be done on a computer and not on a mobile device.

I don’t want to use the iCloud – is this a problem?

Not at all and I totally understand that it’s not for everyone. We will cover a range of solutions other than the iCloud.

I want to use Apple Photos on my Mac but have an Android phone – can I still do the course?

Yes, absolutely. The focus is on using the Photos app to manage your photo collection regardless of how and where images are taken. You can add your android phone photos to this library just like you can with any other device such as your DSLR camera. The only difference will be the transfer and sharing options.

I have a Windows computer – will you run a similar course for PC users?

There will definitely be a course for Windows users very soon- it’s already in the making! Please click {here} to register your interest so you don’t miss it.

Why should I take this course and not just simply go to my local Apple store or ask Google?
  • You get one-on-one access to an experienced photo organiser, specialising in Mac
  • Learn from the comfort of your home, yet personalised and tailored to your specific needs.
  • You’re not alone! You’ll work with like-minded people and not only get the accountability but the motivation and encouragement, too.
  • Apple wants to sell you as much as possible (which is fair, they’re a business after all). I want you to learn how to use their tools and benefit from them in the simplest but most effective way.
  • Benefit from the knowledge and expertise I have acquired over time working with many clients using Apple’s
  • This isn’t just a course full of tips and tricks; it’s a complete step-by-step comprehensive blueprint for photo organising within the Photos app.
  • The course focuses on the latest software, rather than older videos found online that don’t cover newer features and options.

Ready to tackle your photo chaos?

Feeling like you're drowning in digital photos?

Worried to lose photos?

Wasting valuable time looking for photos when creating gifts?


The 5 Golden Rules


of photo organising will help you to tackle this project in a streamlined way so that you can get your photos back into your life and enjoy them!



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