Personal VIP Program

How would it feel to just blink, and find all of your digital photos sorted and organised, as if by magic? My Personal VIP program does exactly that! It’s a tailored, personalised program that busy, time-poor people love.

Imagine all of your photos sitting neatly in digital folders, in a structure that we’ve defined together, so you can quickly and easily find any image in just a few mouse clicks. Not only that, your whole library will be stored safely and backed up regularly. No more lost photos, no more searching for specific photos within the clutter and no more fear of losing the whole lot!

This doesn’t just happen- a beautifully organised digital photo hub takes quite a bit of work.

Let me do the hard work for you. I’ll go over all of your devices extracting all the photos, I’ll get rid of the duplicates, and I’ll transform your chaotic images into a beautifully sorted and organised photo hub.

Here’s how the process unfolds once we start working together:

  • I give you some simple preparation ‘homework’ which sets us up for a successful project.
  • We gather all of your digital images across all your devices.
  • I make an assessment on the scale of your project.
  • I go forth and fix the mess!
  • I back up everything (and I mean everything).
  • I de-duplicate photos and videos.
  • I sort, categorise and organise your photos.
  • I deliver your beautiful new photo hub!

After I build and hand over your photo hub, we now have a great foundation on which to move forward- as you know, photo opportunities just keep coming and it won’t take long for your devices to fill with images! Maintenance is critically important to the long term success of your photo hub as the focus is on managing incoming photos. My maintenance is delivered  every second month and can include preparation of your photos for projects such as yearbooks or more technical elements such as adding metadata. Here’s how my maintenance program works:

  • I add new photos to your hub.
  • I de-duplicate new photos.
  • I organise and sort your photos.
  • I test and check all back ups.

Some clients like to manage their photo hub maintenance themselves- these clients move across to my DIY Program.

Ready to take control?

If you’d like some hands on, practical support with sorting your photos, please reach out for an obligation-free chat.

Ready to tackle your photo chaos?

Feeling like you're drowning in digital photos?

Worried to lose photos?

Wasting valuable time looking for photos when creating gifts?


The 5 Golden Rules


of photo organising will help you to tackle this project in a streamlined way so that you can get your photos back into your life and enjoy them!



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