Client Testimonials

Find out how I was able to help some of my clients and how they experienced working with me. From teaching a client how to scan her photos herself to cleaning up digital photo messes or creating slideshows, it’s all here:

Chantal scanned and organised the slides from my 1984 trip to Europe. I was finally able to enjoy the wonderful memories again, without having to set up the projector and screen! She really took great care to create a photo collection that will last a lifetime and more.


Chantal did a fantastic job with this technological illiterate. She was patient, understanding and knowledgeable. I haven’t seen finished product yet but am confident it will be great. Looking forward to working with her again on family photo book.


You suggested taking photos of treasured items before you dispose of them, and it’s so effective! Some special items of clothing I hoped to have made one day are now in digital form and no longer taking up space in my wardrobe.



Chantal has been extremely professional and assisted me with my wedding slideshow. We have made number of changes, even after we signed off on final product. Chantal had gone above and beyond with her customer service to ensure I had my perfect slides before my wedding day, her understanding and assistance had been greatly appreciated. I strongly recommend her.


Thank you so much for the wonderful photo slideshow/video that you put together for hubby’s birthday this past weekend! Everything was so easy and I appreciated the finished product being supplied in different formats for different purposes. Everyone at the party loved seeing the photos – it was one of the highlights of the night. Will definitely be using your services again!


Chantal has been absolutely amazing from the very beginning in  helping me to organise my photos, even though I still have a long way to go. I was so overwhelmed with this project that I had an emotional meltdown but Chantal quietly and patiently (in her lovely gentle manner and gorgeous accent) put my mind at ease and assured me that she would help me every step of the way.  That everything would be broken down into manageable steps so I could keep going till the end. Nothing is too much trouble for her and her advice is spot on.  And I have also made a new friend to boot!


I highly recommend Chantal from Simply in Order Photo Organising to help you take back control of your digital photo library. I have worked with computers over many years and thought organising my photos would be a great job for retirement. However, 4 years later, I was still in a mess and the job seemed so overwhelming – not knowing where to start, how to sort through all the duplicates created by phones and iPads and fearing I might delete the original photos instead of the duplicates. 

 Chantal carefully and patiently explained how we were going to do it, step by step, so I fully understood the process. After several weeks I could see it all coming together with the behind scenes work being done by Chantal but also the housekeeping work she passed to me. Several months later I feel confident and have developed the skills necessary to continue on my own knowing I have a variety of back up systems in place. Chantal helped me achieve  my goal but also gave me back the passion to take more photos because I knew I could be organised and find them quickly in the future! 


I had about 1,300 old photos in a box that I wanted to get organised and saved in electronic format so I could turn them into photobooks. Because there were so many photos and I work full time, the process of having to scan all of them seemed so daunting and time-consuming. I am so happy that I found Chantal! Not only is she a lovely lady but very professional. After a quick chat, I knew she would do the job perfectly – and she did! She scanned all my photos in beautiful resolution, put them in different folders (as per categories I had instructed i.e. Family, School etc), and then delivered the photos and hard drive with all scanned photos back to me on time! I felt my photos were is safe hands and that my privacy was assured – she also has a great service where she keeps the scans for a short period just in case clients lose the scans. Chantal’s pricing was very reasonable and definitely worth the time and hassle that I saved doing this myself. I highly recommend Chantal to anyone with a tonne of old photos that need to be saved. Thanks again, Chantal!


I have to say that, in theory, the idea of having all the important documents of our family life seemed both a good one and a necessary one.

At the end of the process, I am so glad that we embarked on this path to have the important details of our modern life sorted and organised.

I must thank you for your flexibility and honest advice. You arrived at our home, which had no electricity due to a power line upgrade, and powered on with a laptop, sorting through our mess of paperwork, documents, certificates, and assortment of unruly files.

Your methodical approach helped us to sort through what was needed and also get rid of an enormous amount of paperwork that was cluttering our life.

In the end, we had consolidated two boxes of ‘cream’.

Mun Rosewarne

Mother of two, professional architect

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