Managing your Photos using Adobe Bridge


Have you got thousands of digital photos?
Are you wasting precious time searching for photos?
Are you procrastinating because working in your folder structure is not great?

In order to organise and curate your digital photos you don’t need fancy and expensive photo management software. However, working in your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder is not a very efficient nor a very attractive and pleasant way to work with your photos.

Adobe Bridge is the answer to that! It is a free tool for Windows and Mac users alike who want to stay completely platform and software independent.

The Adobe Bridge course includes:

  • Pre-recorded, completely self-paced 1-hour long video course.  
  • 5 modules: Introduction, Getting Started, Adding Metadata, Searching for Photos in Bridge and Next Steps
  • 2 bonus tutorials: How to export from Bridge and How to add photos from Bridge Galleries to SmugMug
  • A clear step-by-step process.
  • Access to a private Facebook group with Chantal and other course subscribers.
  • Life-long access to all the course materials including updates.
  • Much more fun working with your photos and creating projects and gifts.

This DIY Online course is perfect for you if:

  • You have thousands of digital photos.
  • You want to put an end to the photo chaos because it takes you forever to find a specific photo.
  • You wish to stay platform and software independent.
  • You plan to make your photo collection searchable in the easiest possible way.
  • You are ready to invest an hour in learning how Adobe Bridge works.
  • You can’t wait to get creative with your photos and tackle all those projects you always wanted to with them.
  • You simply want to enjoy your photos and get them back into your life.
Manage photos with Windows PC

Your commitment:

  • Time to do the hands-on work required for such a project. Depending on the size of your collection and how much time you can invest, it can be a few days all up or sometimes weeks.
  • Your tech level should be intermediate, which would be knowing how to use a variety of programs on your computer, how to navigate on a computer, how to browse the internet and download software.
  • My goal is always to work with what you have wherever possible, however, there will most probably be a necessity for you to invest in some additional hardware or materials, for example, a scanner or archival storage options for your physical photos.

$ 42.00

Course outline

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • What is Metadata?
    • Why Adobe Bridge?
  • Getting Started
    • Getting Started
    • Getting to know Adobe Bridge
  • Adding Metadata
    • Why do we add metadata?
    • Ratings
    • Keywords / Tags
    • Locations
    • Descriptions and Titles
    • Renaming files
    • Adjusting capture dates
  • Searching photos in Adobe Bridge
    • Collections and Smart Collections
    • Search and find
  • What next?
    • Where to from here
  • Bonus Tutorials
    • Exporting from Adobe Bridge
    • Share photos from within and outside collections to SmugMug galleries

About your presenter

My belief is that photographs give us the ability to overcome time and distance, strengthen family ties and even shape identity. I would love to help you experience this for yourself through a well-organised photo collection. I understand how overwhelming it feels to be facing a photo organizing project. You might be daunted by the sheer number of photos you own or worry about technology. I’ve been there too! Not only have I done the same steps for my clients but also with them or I showed them how to do it themselves. Let’s get your photographs sorted and digitised together so that you can share them with your family, now and into the future.


What if I don’t have enough time to do the course all in one go?

As mentioned above, the modules are all recorded and are accessible to you at any time. You can go back as often as you like and for as long as you need to.

I haven’t got Adobe Bridge - do I have to buy this software?

Great news: no! Adobe Bridge is a completely free tool. All you need to download it is an Adobe account, which is also free. You’ll receive the links and download instructions in the Introduction module of the course.

Are you demonstrating how to use Adobe Bridge?

Yes, definitely! The various classes and video tutorials are mostly demonstrations that show how to use Adobe Bridge with practical examples.

Does it matter what computer I am using?

Not at all. One of the huge advantages of Adobe Bridge is the fact that is runs on Windows and Mac computers. The interfaces vary very slightly but this class covers you either way. 

Do I need to have an external hard drive to store the photos?

It depends on the size and the available storage space of your internal hard drive of you computer. Adobe Bridge works exactly the same, whether you store your photos on an internal or external drive.

I have a question how can I contact you?

The easiest and fastest way will be posting in the private Facebook group. If you are not on Facebook, an email will be your best option for urgent questions. 

Is there ongoing support once I have completed the course?

If you have questions after the course, the private Facebook group will be the place to have your questions answered. Should you need more support, we can always book a one-on-one online session at the hourly rate.

Why should I take this course and not just simply ask Google?
  • You might find a lot of confusing information on the internet. Furthermore, many tutorials are outdated and don’t cover newer features that I find are important to know of because they can seriously make our photo management a lot easier and faster.
  • You’ll quickly discover that you are not alone! If you join our Facebook group you will meet like-minded people and not only get the accountability but the motivation and encouragement, too.
  • Benefit from the knowledge and expertise I have acquired over time working with many clients. Hardly any other tutors are professional photo managers.
  • This isn’t just a course full of tips and tricks; it’s a complete step-by-step comprehensive blueprint for managing your digital photos.
  • The course focuses on the latest industry standards.

Ready to tackle your photo chaos?

Feeling like you're drowning in digital photos?

Worried to lose photos?

Wasting valuable time looking for photos when creating gifts?


The 5 Golden Rules


of photo organising will help you to tackle this project in a streamlined way so that you can get your photos back into your life and enjoy them!



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