As certified personal photo organisers, Fiona and I are very passionate about helping others achieve their own photo organising goals. We have teamed up to share our knowledge, in a practical way, to help you complete your own personal photo organising projects. We know first hand how overwhelming and big these projects can be and are looking forward to sharing our practical tips with you.

Episode #001

Welcome and 5 Golden Rules of Photo Organising

Episode #002

Golden Rule 1 – Backup

Episode #003

Golden Rule 2 – Know Your Why

Episode #004

Golden Rule 3 – Create a Hub

Episode #005

Golden Rule 4 – Sort and Organise (Part 1 – Digital Photos)

Episode #006

Golden Rule 4 – Sort and Organise (Part 2 – Printed Photos)

Episode #007

Golden Rule 5 – Do Something!

Episode #008

Create a Yearly Photobook

Episode #009

Understanding Photo Metadata

Episode #010

Understanding Google Photos

Episode #011

KonMari your Photos?

Episode #012

Fabulous Photo Gift Ideas

Episode #013

Scan or not to Scan

Episode #014

Listener Questions Part I

Episode #015

Listener Questions Part II

Episode #016

Keep photos safe while travelling

Episode #017

What does a Photo Organiser do?

Episode #018

Manage your photos using your iPhone

Episode #019

Synchronising vs Backing Up

Episode #020

Understanding Amazon Photos

Episode #021

Managing your photos using Android Phone and Google Photos with our guest Haleh Shoa from Picturli

Episode #022

Handling Photos through a Separation with our guest Darla DeMorrow from HeartWork Organizing

Episode #023

5 Steps to get you Started NOW

Episode #024

Transferring photos from iPhone to Windows PC

Episode #025

Listener Questions Part III

Episode #026

Will your Photos survive a Disaster?

Episode #027

Photo Gifts for Christmas

Episode #028

What to do with your Work Photos

Episode #029

A Look into theWorld of Photo Organising

Episode #030

Backing up Apple Devices without iTunes

Episode #031

What to do with inherited photos

Episode #032

New Year’s Resolutions with your photos

Episode #033

5 Golden Rules Highlights

Episode #034

Storytelling with Your Photos

With guest Mara Morrison form The Filing Fairies

Episode #035

Introducing you to the world of Digital Scrapbooking

with guest Melissa Shanhun from Digital Scrapbooking HQ

Episode #036

10 Ways to best utilise your time at home (COVID-19)

Episode #037

Exploring Genealogy

with guest Caroline Guntur
The Swedish Organizer

Episode #038

Learn how to take photos you will want to keep!

with guest Lauren Sandford
The Eternal Second

Episode #039

Photos that DON’T belong in a Photo Collection 


Episode #040

QPA 1 

Should I pay for cloud storage?


Episode #041

Managing your photos and videos using FOREVER

with guest Shelley Murray from Photo Organising Services

Episode #042

What format is that? Converting Old Media to Digital

with guest Adam Pratt
Chaos to Memories

Episode #043

When and Why hire a Professional Photographer

with guest Lauren Sandford
The Eternal Second

Episode #044


How do I rename my photos?

Episode #045


How do I add tags in Windows Explorer?

Photo Sticks

Episode #046


What is your take on Photo Sticks?

Old Photo Albums

Episode #047

What should I do with my old photo albums?

Old Photo Albums

Episode #048

Reflections on Photo Loss through a Natural Disaster

with guest Karen Ostenried from The Matanya Effect

How to Stop Procrastinating about your Photos

Episode #049

How to Stop Procrastinating about your Photos

Celebrate with us!

Episode #050

Who are we? Get to know us to Celebrate Our 50th Episode

Ready to tackle your photo chaos?

Feeling like you're drowning in digital photos?

Worried to lose photos?

Wasting valuable time looking for photos when creating gifts?


The 5 Golden Rules


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