Current Photo Management Courses

Managing your photos using Adobe Bridge

Learn how to organise, manage and curate your digital photos using Adobe Bridge.

Managing your photos with Windows

Learn how to manage your complete digital photo collection using your Windows PC!

Organise your photos with Apple

Learn how to manage your digital photo collection using the Apple Photos app!

Sort and scan your printed photos

Learn how to sort and scan your printed photos so you can relive your memories and enjoy your photos!

Partner’s Courses

As you know, I have created some courses myself and you might wonder why I promote others. The answer is simple: I have only two hands! Course creation is a serious business and much more work than one might think. Even though I really, really love to create my own courses and am having so much fun with it, the days are just too short. Plus, much of the content I want to teach is already being taught in some of those courses listed below. I have gone through most of them myself and genuinely love them! Hence I’ve decided to not reinvent the wheel but to partner with those awesome course creators and to give you the opportunity to learn from the best of our tribe, too.

Please also know that these links are affiliate links which means if you choose to click on them and purchase any of the courses I will receive a financial thank you in return.

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