A Family Photo Project: How I Tackled the Sorting and Digitising of our Family Photos

April 23, 2018


Family Photo Archive

Even Professional Photo Organisers have to deal with their own family photo collections. Often, working on these projects is at least part of what triggered a photo organiser’s passion and interest in working in this field to help others to achieve a similar result and peace of mind.

In this article, I share the personal story – and the steps – of helping my mother sort and digitise her entire collection of family photos. Her living in Switzerland and me in Australia of course didn’t make it any easier. In an ideal world, the project may have been conducted slightly different. But we had to work with what we had at the time and this is an account of a very realistic and pragmatic approach.

I do hope that it inspires you to tackle your own family photo collection, whether by doing it yourself or by outsourcing some or all of the work. Because work is involved, there is no two ways about it. However, the result is ever so satisfying and the peace of mind knowing that your precious photos and memories are digitised and backed up is invaluable. Not to mention the joy that these photos can now be shared so easily with many others in the family. A project like this can also be a very connecting experience due to the stories that are inevitably being shared. Working together on your family photos will become a precious memory in itself!

Please click here to read the whole story: http://thephotoorganizers.com/family-photo-project-sorting-digitizing-family-photos/.

I will soon write another article about how we continued work together once the photos were scanned. If you haven’t signed up yet, use the form on your right hand-side to make sure you don’t miss future posts and tips about photo organising.



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